Integrity Check failure - Extra Files

OC 10.5.0 on Debian 9 (upgraded from Deb8)

Generally speaking, is it always safe to remove extra files that are causing an integrity check failure? Is there any condition that could cause actual required files to be detected as extras?

Long Version:
I’ve just recovered from a pretty nasty administration failure and while everything is now working, I’m trying to get past an integrity check violation. I’m working with an OC instance that was originally set up on Debian 8 a long time and many versions ago. Since that is deprecated, I performed an in place upgrade to Debian 9, anticipating moving that to 10. The upgrade went fine but I performed an apt-get autoremove to clean up and that was a bad move. OC had originally been installed via an aptitude package on this server about 5 years ago. For a long while OC stopped delivering via packages so I had been updating manually since then. The apt-get auto-remove unfortunately uninstalled OC among other things so I ended up re-installing and reconfiguring. After a lot of clean-up and pre-req reworking, I’m good now, everything works but I’m getting hundreds of extra files on the integrity check, mostly under core. How best to proceed? Should I be checking these against the contents of the install tarball to see if they are absent there and consider them deprecated remnants of the old install? I guess, in a nutshell, how do I reconcile what I have in my OC directory with what the integrity checker is expecting, given that the system was broken pretty badly for a bit and may or may not contain orphaned remnants of a very old install?

Thank you!

Hello @LazyInLA

I would like to take a look at the “List of invalid files”.

I send you the documentation that will you help you to solve and understand the issue, Please take a look. If you have more questions do not hesitate to write :slight_smile:

Erwin Palma

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Thank you Erwin, The invalid list is here:

I’ve read through the documentation and I understand what the integrity check results are telling me, I just have concerns, given the large number of files tagged as extras that either the integrity check on my instance is either using an outdated source list of legitimate files or could otherwise be messed up because of my overall situation. 10.5.0 was fresh installed on top of the existing OC folder so there could be cruft in there from the previous install that was damaged by the auto-remove.

Thank you again for taking a look and I appreciate your comments.

If you don’t have anything valuable, the easiest option is to start a new fresh 10.6 installation and move the data there, if possible.

If that isn’t an option, I’d recommend you to do a backup first. Then remove everything except the ownCloud’s config and data folders, and redownload a fresh copy of the code. Make sure the fresh copy is properly linked to the previous config and data folders.


@LazyInLA, Could you do what jvillafanez says? :slight_smile:


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Thank you both, I can do that and agree it seems the cleanest way to make sure everything is as it should be.


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