Integrity check of .htaccess

Hey everyone, my owncloud server unexpectedly shutdown and now is throwing integrity check errors of an incorrect hash of .htaccess. I have followed everything on to fix it, and it fixed the .user.ini as that also had a hash error, but doing the same for .htaccess does not seem to fix it.

root@ed-owncloud:/var/www/html# sudo -u www-data php occ integrity:check-core

  • core:
      • .htaccess:
        • expected: c00197d1a4d7a1db5bf43849acd10d2d7813705463ba02fe540b5d05328dcf078456e55dcd0450bb884a85bf25c66a596cdcf9108d26ba44d2287a35de26d72b
        • current: 6fd2bca47deffbdf905bcd30ee3b487584823481202ecde931ee6527514be04d84e19aa3252d252347c5a7f0519fa903c1335de0ca26b111c2ea663300f4682f

Any help?


maybe it could help if you provide the steps you while trying to solve this issue?

Currently i have tried (what is stated in that link and what other topics have pointed out) by downloading owncloud from and uploading the .htaccess

(P.s that method did fix the .user.ini hash error)


could it be possible that you have downloaded and extracted the .htaccess file of an ownCloud version which is not matching your current version of ownCloud?