Integrity Check version


I did update to version I am having trouble integrating files now.

Technical information
The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix

- core
		- 0

Raw output
    [core] => Array
            [EXTRA_FILE] => Array
                    [0] => Array
                            [expected] => 
                            [current] => cf83e1357eefb8bdf1542850d66d8007d620e4050b5715dc83f4a921d36ce9ce47d0d13c5d85f2b0ff8318d2877eec2f63b931bd47417a81a538327af927da3e




what i have to do?

There are tons of posts and comments on that topic. Like this one:

Please consider reading the docs.

before writing the topic, I read sporto, but didn’t find the answer. Apparently there is a file ‘0’ that I need to delete, but I can’t find it.

If the integrity check finds it, it’s there. Maybe you’re searching at the wrong location?

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