- anyone got an example that works?

I have tried to follow the formatting examples for this setting in config.php but my 3rd party app still seems to cause integrity check errors.

The formats I have tried are :

  1. '' => ['crate_it'],

  2. '' =>

  3. '' =>
    'app-id of crate_it',
    (in case it literally meant put 'app-id of' in here)

  4. '' =>
    0 => 'crate_it',
    (cos I'm getting desperate)

In each case, the integrity error I get is :

Technical information

The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix


  • crate_it
      • OC\IntegrityCheck\Exceptions\InvalidSignatureException
      • Signature data not found.

Raw output

[crate_it] => Array
[EXCEPTION] => Array
[class] => OC\IntegrityCheck\Exceptions\InvalidSignatureException
[message] => Signature data not found.

I think I’m having a similar problem… This is at least the closest I can find to a lead.

I’m following the OwnCloud instructions for creating a theme. Everything went great until the final instruction:
‘’ => [

I got the error message: “ command not found”.

I edited it manually, adding it to the config.php file and it still didn’t remove the integrity check error. These are the files that it listed:


  • core
      • .user.ini
      • [
      • php.ini
      • read-config.php
      • mynewtheme

All files, apart from php.ini, that were created during the installation instructions…

This is because your integrity issues are not related with a missing signature.

I never created a theme myself, just reading the docs and trying to help. IMHO, the scripts read-config.php and can/must be removed after creating the theme.