Intergrate / link owncloud with wordpress - woo-commerce

hello forum,

does anybody has any experience with connecting wordpress - woo-commerce to owncloud?
my idea was to be able to upload and manage the big media files via a already running owncloud -
and use these media files via some kind of sharing in woo-commerce as digital downloadable product.
i found the guide

but iam not sure what the best way is…

  • Create sharing link from external app
    some how connect woo-commerce so it can create a new sharing link to a specific folder in owncloud
  • symlink raw directories on server
    i could also symlink an oc data sub directory directly on the server to the woo-commerce media directory…

if anybody has any tips for me - please let me know!

sunny greetings

owncloud server has a sharing API, if the woo-commerce thing can send authorized POST / GET requests there, that should be the way to go.

As a command-line shell script junkie, it is also possible to use the mysql client (authenticated to the owncloud db) to send an SQL query INSERT INTO oc_share .... VALUES ...; – Been there, done that…

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thanks @jnweiger

just if anybody is interested in developing something - these to links are maybe a good starting point:

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