Internal server error 9.0.2

I have a owncloud server through digitalocean. It was a 9.0.2 or 3. Can't remember but recently I have been getting internal server error. I have looked in log files but couldn't find anything pointing me in the right direction. Can someone help me find a cure to this. Thanks.


an internal server error is just a generic error with could have tons of different reasons. Without the matching logfile to that internal server error its not possible to help here.

As 9.0.2 / 9.0.3 is also quite outdated, please update to a recent version ASAP.

Could you tell me where and what log file to look at? Also what would be involved in a upgrade? 9.0.2 is what digitalocean has as a one click. Was trying to get a owncloud to get file back and forth to work cheap. Thanks.

There is a FAQ available at [1] for this topic.

Then you should urgently contact digitalocean about this issue. ownCloud 9.0.2 contains various known and public available security vulnerabilities ( Not talking about various bugs fixed in newer versions.

This is nothing what you should run on a system available / reachable from the internet.