Invalid host name for certificate (Desktop client)

Apologies if there is a file explaining this. I searched owncloud central and help files but maybe not the right one.

Actual behaviour

At login when the Opencloud client tries to connect I get this Notice:

Untrusted Certificate

8< –
Cannot connect securely to
The host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this certificate
with Certificate
At the bottom I have the option to trust this certificate anyway.

Expected behaviour

At login Opencloud just connects and starts syncig (sometimes asks for my credentials).
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Actual behaviour

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Login

Client configuration

Client version:

Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04

OS language: English

Qt version used by client package (Linux only, see also Settings dialog):

Client package (From ownCloud or distro) (Linux only): Owncloud

Installation path of client: /home/rwigle/bin/Nextcloud

Client Version: Version 2.6.0stable (build 20190927).

Seems you are you not using the ownCloud client??

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Check your SSL installation for with, a fast check is enough.
In the section “Certificate for ‘’” there is “Common Name” and “Subject Alternative Names”.

I would suspect that the certificate installed is only for ‘’ and ‘’ is neither in the “Common Name” nor the “Subject Alternative Names”.

If you have a Let’s Encrypt Certificate you should easily be able to regenerate it with the additional “Subject Alternative Names”. Otherwise you might have to order a new certificate from your provider, or think about installing a wildcard certificate.

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Thanks @eneubauer! Regenerating certificates is beyond my skill set but ssidecoder gave me something to include in my query to my ?provider?.

bin/Nextcloud/Nextcloud-2.6.0-x86_64.AppImage But I don’t think that’s the problem.

Thanks for all the suggestions and apologies for taking so long to respond. I had a medical issue that required my attention.

The solution is rather simple. I had a trial account and the trial ended but I wasn’t notified so the account had been deleted. Paid up and back in business.

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