Invalid mail address. For password recovery and notifications

Hi, Im all new and have a problem. When trying to set up email adress for recovery I get: “Invalid mail address”. What to do?

How are you trying to do this?

using the web interface.

Strange. Have you configured your email-server settings in the "general" section?

found the fix

Just as a follow up - is your ownCloud on a hosted server?

Or are you using CPanel?

When I try setting up the server in the "admin general section I get

"You need to set your user email before being able to send test emails.

It is a hosted server I use

The files:
Is not exsisting in my folder. Shall I just make the files manually?

please read the content of the fix again carefully

OK thx, I got it sorted out! Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

You too :slight_smile:

Could you mark this issue is solved?

If you have further question feel free to open new issues/tickets.