Invalid or corrupted PDF file


all PDF files from smb/cifs mount storage are corrupted and I can't get access to them. Even if I download it.
When I try to open it with PDF add-on I receive next error:

How to solve this error?

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could you look for more informations in your logfile?

Where can I get log file: from web interface or from Linux?

Thank you!

From the web UI if you have access to it

owncloud.log (11.0 KB)

Here it is.

What version is your ownCloud?

Edit: have you recently updated ownCloud?

No, it is new installation.

Okay, I don't know what the issue could be.

Is this only happening with PDF files? What happens if you download the PDF file trough the webinterface. Can you open it?

Yes, only with PDF. If I download PDF file from ownCloud I can't open it too using Acrobat or any other software.

Also I've found some PDF that I can open using add-on. They located on the same SMB share.

Can you verify that the file wasn`t uploaded in a corrupted state? Also what is the size of the file reported by ownCloud?

Yes, I can open these files from Windows share folder without any problem.
Different size: from 100 Kb to 2 Mb

I compare two files: left one I can open successfully from OwnCloud, right one is corrupted.
The difference between them is only attributes.

Please see this thread: it looks a lot like the same problem.

It seems we've found the problem. We use deduplication for files on Windows 2016.
How can we "teach" OwnCloud or Linux to work with this kind of file system?

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Solution: need to define SMB V3 protocol in smb.conf

client min protocol = SMB3
client max protocol = SMB3

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thanks for posting the solution, another thing learned :slight_smile: