iOS 12 calendar iOS stock via caldav


Happy New Year, guys!

Any suggestions what to do if you don’t use a hosted/public OC server? Mine is at home and inaccessible from the Internet, so any CA can’t validate the cert request, which means no “official” ssl cert.

For my use case, it is sufficient if the synchronisation happens only in my private network and this can happen unencrypted from my point of view

Did any of you try https with a self-signed certificate?



Self-signed certificates work.
iOS will prompt a warning that the certificate is not trusted. Check the details and if you’re convinced its your certificate, trust it.

Warning: We lost all calendar entries from the iOS device that had not been synced to Owncloud! Back them up somewhere else before the first https synchronization

Now, let’s see when Apple/Google/Mozilla stop accepting self-signed certs…



i refused to put ios12 on my devices for some time for exactly the reason that some unpredictable undocumented features suddenly appear. however this is what works for me

IOS 9.3.5 (very old IPad mini) & IOS 11.4.1 (IPhone SE) & Owncloud & working letsencrypt ssl-certificate
https://[your server address]/remote.php/caldav/principals/[your user name]/

I have found this server address syntax on my old mini IPad and gave it a try. To my surprise this worked, after trying all the stuff on the outdated documentary.

Hope you find this useful