iOS 3.6.2 client - download video option

Steps to reproduce

1.Open a video using the iOS App.
2.Video starts streaming.
3.No option to download / make the video available offline.

Expected behaviour

Video downloads first, then starts playing. Later the video is available offline.

Actual behaviour

The video only gets streamed. No option to download.


iOS version:9.3.5

ownCloud app version:3.6.2

Device model:A1430 iPad 3rd generation - Wi-Fi + Cellular

Tell us what could be improved:

The option to download video's offline. There used to be an option to download the video, but it seems like it has been removed. Can someone confirm?

The option to make a file "available offline" is accessible if you swipe-right the filename in the list view, and choose "more…"

Improvements for the flie list UI are planned:

Excellent! That did solve our little problem. Thanks you!