iOS App Improvements (Summer of Code)


My name is Raghav Arora and I am student of computer science. I will be taking part in Google summer of Code this year and I found OwnCloud to be the perfect place to start. For the past few months, I have been thinking of developing a home cloud myself, and now that I found OwnCloud, I think it is best that I contribute and build over what already exists.

I wish to contribute to OwnCloud as a part of Google Summer of Code. By that, I can contribute to the open source community while at the same time help me get a home cloud that I can completely customize for my personal use and at the same time

I will spend the next week learning more about OwnCloud and I hope to talk to you, the mentors about the Project Ideas, especially the iOS Application. I went through the list of Project Ideas and I think that working on the iOS application suits my talent. I have already forked the repository and will start working on it. Even though the other ideas very interesting and challenging, I would be most interested to work on the iOS app as I am an experienced iOS developer with over 20 apps in my portfolio.

I have downloaded the iOS App and forked the Code too and will analyse it. I will also set up my Owncloud server and then think of ways to make it bigger and better. I have full stack experience too so I can easily manage to work on my ideas by implementing them on both the iOS app and the Backend Server

I will be submitting a proposal with GSOC, but I was wondering if I could discuss viable possibilities with the mentors for the project. I hope to create a direct email channel with them as I wish to send them my initial drafts of the project proposal and know their thoughts before submitting a final proposal. I would also like to know if the iOS Application is a priority as if it is not then I can work with other ideas as I am good with PHP & JS too.

I will come up with good ideas when I test the application completely, but till then if anyone can let me know what to keep in mind while working on this. I saw on another discussion that an improvement could be to 'implement access to various password managers'. I will look into that too, but till then, I request the community to spam me with ideas for the app.

A little introduction to me:

I am a student of Computer Science, currently at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Earlier, I was in India, where in addition to studying, I used to spend a lot of time doing development in multiple languages over many platforms. I have a lot experience of developing mobile apps. I have been developing iPhone Applications for 5 years, ever since the start of my technical studies. I have also developed some Applications for Android phones. Last year, I was hired by the Government of Punjab to lead and manage the development of 2 mobile apps, essential to functions of the state's Department of Excise and Taxation.

I am very good in development with Objective-C and have decent experience in using other languages like Java, PHP, Python and C++. I have worked on a variety of database management software like Oracle, MySQL, Google Datastore, MongoDb and SQLite. Other than that I am familiar with many development tools and services.

Right now, as a project at KIT, I am working on a Data Repository Platform with extensions for data processing and data analysis. This project will be used to maintain and process data from the Synchrotron facility at the Research Campus of KIT.

My other interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, human computer interaction and cryptography. My hobbies include compulsive dancing on Punjabi Folk beats and extensive travel.

I am looking forward to discussions with the OwnCloud Community

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Hi, @agu3010.

I'm sorry to say it, but mobile apps are low priority topics for GSOC, so if you have experience in web development, probably is better for you to focus on the server side.