[iOS App] Naming of uploaded photos

Hi All,

I’ve been using ownCloud iOS client for quite a few years now and all uploaded were named a per the below name template.


Since the release of the new iOS app, I’ve noticed that all photos are uploaded with a generic IMG_xxxx.jpg name, which is causing quite a few issues especially if you delete old photos from the phone’s album.
Is there any way to manually change this behavior and revert it to the good old time template?


What do you mean with “causing quite a few issues especially if you delete old photos”? Could you elaborate?

This format helps:

### Steps to reproduce

### Expected behaviour
Tell us what should happen

### Actual behaviour
Tell us what happens instead
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Hello Michael and thanks for your reply,

Even though I had noticed the form, I didn’t follow the format since the above is more a request rather than a problem. In the previous app a specific naming format was selected (when it comes to uploading photos), which is different than the one in the new app, so there is not an actual and an expected behavior.

Regarding the issues that I mentioned in my initial post…
I have reverted to the old app currently, but I do recall that I had noted that quite a few uploads in my Instant Upload folder were named as IMG_xxxx(1).jpg, which by that time it seemed to be related when deleting old (and already uploaded) photos and capturing new ones. Some (not all) of the newly captured photos would be uploaded with the same name as some old ones, so a …(1).jpg would appear at the end of their name. This was definitely not an issue when the timestamp format/template was used in the old app. But since I do not currently use the new app, I cannot replicate the issue and provide further details on this, so feel free to ignore it.

The second issue is more a personal one, since all these years the photos were sorted with a friendly format in which you could easily know when the photo was captured, while with the new app this is not the case.

My main question is if there is an option in the new app to have the uploaded photos named after their capture date, and if not, if there is any chance that the good old format/template will be used in the future.

@CuoreSportivo thanks for elaborating. So, there is no serious issue with colliding names, only a cosmetic one.

At the moment there’s no way for users to change the format of uploaded file names in the new iOS app. I could imagine, this can be added in a future release, but other bugs and features have much higher priority on the roadmap, so I don’t have an ETA for you.

As a workaround, there’s plenty of software that can rename image files according to the EXIF information. You could just run it on your desktop, and images sync back to your ownCloud with the right name:

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