iOS app no network


Why am I seeing no network upon connection not letting me seeing files


What is the exact version you’re using? (see bottom of Settings screen)

The app has a builtin logging feature. (see

You could reproduce with logging enabled, then send the logs to ios-beta-<at>


Stable is fine this is in beta latest,
I just did logging en le where is log stored


We release new betas from time to time. What is the build ID you’re using? (last one is build 105)

Settings > Logging screen has a button “Share log file”. This way, you can send the captured log.


Mmmmm latest visible for me is 103


Sorry, you’re right. Build 103 was the last public one. Were you able to capture logs when the problem happened again?


@chacho A new build has been published:


Nice features.

My certificate had expired was still able to see main page. I deleted authorization and sing in all good.