iOS Application Improvements

Hello Devs,
I am interested in knowing more about the iOS Application project.
Can I get some help with respect to what the project exactly is and what do you expect students to know in order to be a part of that project.
Any help would be highly appreciated,


@nasli @javiergonzper

one improvement could be to implement access to various password managers. It's pretty annoying to c/p credentials instead of just tapping on an integration button which delivers the login data instantaneously. For example:

or may be even better

based on

But we are open for other ideas.

best regards Stefan

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Dear Mentors/Developers,
I have started improving my iOS development skills which I want to take to the next level. I wanted to know more about the tasks which will be under the heading for 'iOS App improvements'? I would like to know more about it so that I can frame my proposal for GSoC 2017.

Any guidance is appreciated.


The first project in your links seem quite interesting!
So am I supposed to build that or its just for reference?

I would like to work on something like this, should I start on the project or do i have to write up how I would tackle and solve it?