iOS background upload not working

Just trying out OwnCloud.
Sever setup and working fine.

iPhone 12PM and XR, and iPadMini running iOS 16.2.

Auto upload or “Background refresh” is not working.
Meaning, i take new picture or video, and the app is not triggering the files to be auto uploaded to the OwnCloud server. I have to open the OwnCloud app then it pops up uploading media assets.

Is this a limitation of Apple iOS, in that no other app other than the native Apple iCloud photos can do background sync/uploads? (I have been using pCloud for couple years, and it as well requires you to open the app in-order to trigger upload)

I found several years old threads on here about this topic, and mention of beta version over a year ago (now is release version) that has background refresh, but that is enabled and still it not auto working.

Sever is local only atm, for testing. No remote access. Phone on same local network. Everything else works fine. Just no automated background data upload, which is what i want and thought this software offered.

Could you check if it’s still the case with the 12.0 pre-release version?

That link asks for a Username / Password. My account here login does not work for it.

Hickup with the website. Please check again.

No change with beta version.

Hi, is there anny news about this?