iOS Client 3.7.5 no longer previews text files in full screen on an iPad

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select a text file from the file list
  2. Try to double tap to expand to full screen

Expected behaviour

When previewing a text file (*.txt extension) on an iPad, you can no longer double tap the right side and male the file preview full-screen. This worked with 3.7.3.

Actual behaviour

The text file is displayed in the fixed size right column, with the file tree dissipated on the left side. No tapping causes the display to fill the iPad screen.

Server configuration

The server configuration has not changed.


iOS version:

ownCloud app version:

Device model:
iPad Pro


Web server error log

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ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

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iā€™m not sure but i think its probably better to report something which worked before and stopped after an update to a bugtracker rather then to a support forums like this. From what i know the issue tracker of the iOS app is located at

Thanks for reporting. The problem is reproducible. I will open the ticket.

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