iOS client ask my password regulary


My owncloud ios client ask me my password regulary. (With the windows client everything works perfectly.) I enter the password and the ios client upload my data.

Have you a suggestion for resolve my issue ?

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What kind of login do you use? Username and password or OAuth 2.0, where you enter username and password in the ownCloud mobile website?

I use Username and Password. I enter username and password in my owncloud ios application with https link.

@TiEN would you like to try again with the new iOS app?

For testing, just open this link on your device:

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Sorry for answer to late !
I had disable LTE data and just use WiFi and i don’t have the problem of authentication anymore.
But automactic Upload of my photo doesn’t work great. I should launch upload manually.

I will test the new iOS app.

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The authentification error appear with the instant upload parameter.
In the testing version, there are no instant upload option ?

This issue is often face by the IOS users. You can just refer the following thread regarding same issue.

@TiEN new iOS app will have instant-/auto-upload soon. Here you can check the roadmap:

The issue won’t be fixed in the old app. Please help and test the new version and provide feedback.