iOS Client - can't login (user name inaccessible)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install new iOS update 11.2.1
  2. Upgrade OC Client to 3.7.1 as required
  3. Open OC Client - new authentication window appears, but only password field is accessible. Can't fill user name.
  4. Login fail

Expected behaviour

The user name field is accessible (writable).

Actual behaviour

It is not

Server configuration

Web server: Apache 2.4.7

Database: MySQL

PHP version: 5

ownCloud version: 8.2.10

Storage backend (external storage):


iOS version: 11.2.1

ownCloud app version: 3.7.1

Device model: iPhone 6


Web server error log

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ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

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Tell us what could be improved:

Thanks for your feedback @mochour,

We are working on it, new fix will be available soon.

We appreciate your time and help!

same problem for me on my ipad pro and iphone, both on ios 11.2.1
apps update -> same problem
for an immediate solution, i delete the owncloud client and reunstall
no problem all is ok but I have to resynchronise lically all my "off line" folders

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Please try to delete the app using Settings -> iPhone Storage -> ownCloud -> Delete App. Reinstall it from the AppStore. This workaround fix this problem. We working on a fixed release.

Thanks for the support.
I've followed steps suggested by @igor and @cscherm and the app is again fully functional.

I have the same problem and a second user in our team, too. The steps described before did not work.
When will the fixed release be available?

The new version 3.7.2 with the fix is already available in App Store. Please check and give us feedback!!

I have the latest version 3.7.2 installed, when I open the app I only get the window to enter the WEBDAV URL but no user/password field.
When I enter the URL and press Connect there is an error message "Der Benutzer oder das Passwort sind falsch".

Have you try to perform the reinstall as suggested by @cscherm?