iOS Client does not upload automatically

I installed a fresh new owncloud server 10.6.0 and use the iOS Client 11.4.5 b182
I active the automatic upload for photo and video, but new stored pictures on the iPhone are not being uploaded to the server. I even reinstalled the iOS app, but this didn’t fix it. My iOS Version is 14.3


Could you please try to disable/enable the location services and test again?
Also could you please provide the following so we can try to reproduce it:

1.Which auth method are you using? OAuth2, …
2.Do you have more than one account connected to the device?

Thanks !

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I am using a “local” account on my owncloud server, I just created a user in the admin webinterface - no idea which method is used for authentication.

It is the only account that ist connected.

Funny about the location services is that they don’t appear in the iOS settings of the owncloud app. If I open the general location settings in iOS the owncloud app isn’t being listed.

Maybe this is the problem. Once again I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but no change on the location settings.

I expected that pictures will be uploaded in the background at any time. Now I got the impression that this is only triggered once I open the owncloud app.

I use an iPhone 21 mini - if this is a usefull information.

I have now verified that pictures only get uploaded/synced when I open the iOS app. Is that the normal behavior? I even invested into the in-app buy and bought photo pro functionality. This changed nothing and I even didn’t get any additional functionality in the app.

Yes, exactly. Reliable upload only when you open the app. Background activity in iOS 14 is a nightmare, and I don’t expect fundamental changes the next few months. Sorry.