IOS Client no option to upload files

I just upgraded the owncloud server to 10.2.1-1 (RPM for centos 7.x.) On my iphone I installed the “owncloud - File Sync And Share” app (ver 1.04, dated 4 days ago.) I am able to login to the owncloud server and browse directories. I do not see any options to upload files or auto-upload pictures.

Every time my client scans server for changes, it might take 5-10 minutes.

@voyager45 This is the new ownCloud iOS app, rewritten from scratch. It has not all all features from the old iOS app yet. The old iOS app is still available.

Uploading files already works in the new app:

  1. Initiate upload from inside the new ownCloud iOS app:

  2. Initiate upload from other apps:

Auto-upload of new pictures is on the roadmap, as well as optimisations of the discovery:

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