iOS Client - own Version with custom branding


we got a request from a possible client who asked us if we could create a customized (branding) version of the iOS ownCloud Client. Can the version from the github repository be used to create a custom-branded version of the iOS-Client and to offer this version through the Apple App store? This
reads like it's not possible?

If it's not possible: Why is it possible for ownCloud Enterprise - customers? Because that version of the iOS client has a different license (commercial license)?

Correct. The GPL is not compatible with the Apple Store at this time. Enterprise customers are getting a relicensing under a commercial license. You or the client should contact

Okay, thanks for the info. Android and Desktop clients are no problem, we could do our own branded version with the code from Github?

Correct. The standard distribution channels for those are fine with the GPL.

Nextcloud provides an iOS client which can be branded. Current versions of OC and NC are still very similar that they work with the other product as well.

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