iOS/iPad OS app is broken - Files App not allow download Owncloud data - See attached error


im using owncloid 10.11.0 (stable) on SuSE Linux without any issues but my Apple devices have since some time issues when i’m using the “FIles” app of iPad OS or iOS.
App version 12.0.1 with pro features is installed. I can use the Ownclud app to open files but the recent udpates not working with the “Files” app. I dont want use the owncloud app iteself as it is extreme unflexible and open documents only in tself and not in the programs i want to use. For me it is imprtant i get the iOS/iPad OS integration repaired.
Reinstalation oft the app results in annyoing & excessive touchscreen typing of login/server data but it is not fixing anyting, the integration in the “Files” app only allows browsing but no downloads. Any idea what i can do?
Thank you for your help.

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could you try with the TestFlight 269 build?

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Hi Michael,

i just tested testflight app v. 12.0.2 and it is imediantely working!
The developer team seems to know the issue then already.
Thank you


12.0.2 was released in App Store :white_check_mark:

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