iOS mobile app doesn't load any files

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add my credentials to connect to my owncloud folders
  2. Open any file
  3. Restart the app
  4. Open the app and press to open a file

Expected behaviour

Open the file

Actual behaviour

The app shows a message “Waiting for server…” (or similar) and when I try to open a file it doesn’t do it. The progress bar doesn’t move.


iOS version: 15.1.1

ownCloud app version: 11.8.0

Device model: iPhone 12

Tell us what could be improved:

I think the problem

Could you please make a screen recording and create log files with HTTP enabled and share it with us?

Here you can find how to enable logging and make a screen recording:


I have exactly the same issue here.
I can login without any issues, open files and so on.
But when I go down into a (yes, large!) directorey it stays in “Waiting for server reply…”. It shows the folders and I can browse these folders. But opening a file (a jpg in most cases) will not work at all.

It looks like the app browses through the directory structure to update information about sizes and so on. And while doing so it is busy and does not download any other files. And because it is such a large directory (in my case 680GB with 120.000 fotos) the app will never succeed.

I logged inside tha app and attached the log file (stripped out sensitive information):
ocapp.log (315.6 KB)

On the owncloud server itself I did not get any relevant log entries (Loglevel = 2) but I noticed once the request started a very little peak on CPU usage for the apache2 (any mariadb) process which went down to zero very quickly while the app still was showing “Waiting for server reply…”.

So anyone having an idea how to get this thing to work?

Is there a limit of folders/ files?


Oh, just as an addition:

I am pretty sure it is not server related. When syncing with the MacOS app I do not have any issues with this folder. The initial sync takes a good amount of time (obviously) but once synced it is just working fine.