IP/owncloud does not open/respond

Hello everybody,

I am new here and please do not be annoyed if I might ask a redundant question.
I followed the installing instructions according to:

But if I am typing https://myIP/owncloud into my web browser (SAFARI), it says it cannot open the page because the server is not responding...

Any diagnostic steps, any help is very much appreciated!!! THX, Chris

ownCloud is just a web application written in PHP and served by your webserver. So its up to your webserver to respond on that URL / IP.

Tools like ping, nmap and traceroute might help supporting you with your task to research why your webserver is not responding. Asking for support in a community dedicated to your used webserver might help as well.

Certainly a valid point! Nonetheless, I thought, people in this forum might have encountered the same problems and might even help with that... PLUS: I am sure, I am not the only person facing this problem. So, people trying to install owncloud might be thankful to find this issue here, rather than screening the whole internet again...

The problem is, issues like this can have tons of different reasons (e.g. it could be that your webserver is just not running).

Adding to this ownCloud runs on a huge amount on different linux systems and environments. So if a user had the same issue/problem it can have a completely different solution than on your environment.

Thats why its nearly impossible to give specific hints from ownCloud side.

I see. My problem is that I am not advanced enough to really figure out where the main issue is. I would guess it is right now that my webserver is not responding. So, it is an APACHE2 issue as I am using it? Thanks anyways!

Unfortunately it could be everything :confused: : webserver not running, a firewall, wrong used ports, wrong used IP.

Thats why i have given you a few generic pointers / instructions above: