Is it possible? - Prefered Use case for a client!



A particular client wants the following setup.
He wants to use OC as a service to share a certain folder with a client.
The data is stored on a smb-share in the same officebranch.
The interal users are synced with LDAP.
Internal users have access to every folder. Clients to there own folder.

500 clients folders (already existing with userdata)

would you recommend using the occ script to create users automaticly? An autogenerated password would be perfect and should be stored dumped in a file.
After that the user should gain access to their folder. Would you create a smbshare on a user basis? or can i share with occ using variables $sharename $clientname

Thanks in advance for your ideas.


I would share with guest users. They can choose their own PWs.
Do the clients need to write into the share? If yes, you should test the Enterprise Edition features.


@hodyroff would this be able to automate this w/ occ script?

what i tought was to create a script (already working) to create bulk users based on foldername with a generated password, and his own group, but then off course the user doesn't have access yet to that folder.
what needs next is to share the folder with that group (or user).

For that to work i need to enter the detail's (e.g. password) to connect with smb in the tables oc_external_applicable
oc_external_mounts, oc_external_config. In what encryption would the password field be ??

Next problem is that such a script would need to run on a daily basis (for newly created folders) though that would create the user again i'd suppose.



For sharing the sharing API will help you.

Of course you should not create them as new users every time. Rather use the already existing username.