Is it possible to don`t fork file versions?



Hello, world.
In FAQ in question "Why do I sometimes get conflict files and messages while syncing?" you write, that OC do not modify user files and do a fork, when someone, who have access, change the file.

But i in case when I want to use OC as corporative data storage I need to have one last version of file.

Etc user Admin have shared file "incoming_mail.xls" and everyone, who receive mail, open this file and write one more string in it. And everyone can see the last number of incoming mail, count of mails in month...

Can I setup the functionality with blocking of files?
In my plans connect the owncloud storage to users windows-based-machines by WebDav.

Thank you!


You have to mount the owncloud storage directly as a webdav network resource which supports file-locking. So you directly work on the files and you do not have a local copy of the file.

The sync client makes a copy of each file on your local filesystem. You can edit files without internet connection and there is no option to enforce file locking on certain files or folders (not sure if there is a feature request:


Honestly, I would use Collabora Online for this. Not sure how many users you have who need to do this. It will work with 2-3 maybe 5 but not more via the sync client. Users need to press reload, make their edit and save. Then there is a reasonable chance to get it through. Collabora is made for this ... collaborative editing ...


But I suppose in the open source version you have the same restrictions as Nextcloud?


Yes, this is a general restriction for the CODE Developer Version from Collabora. Thats why my excitement for the switch to Docker from the original virtual machine was somewhat limited ... still thinking what the best way forward is. But lets see how many users @Afftobus needs.