Is it possible to use oCIS deployment example WOPI without collabora?

I did a few tests with the deployment example ocis-wopi.
It would be cool if only OnlyOffice was used, I find it confusing that both Office packages are started and used in the interface.

My first attempt was to comment out the containers ocis-appprovider-collabora and ocis-collabora in the docker-compose.yml file.
Unfortunately, no Office package is then displayed in oCIS.
I have not found anything in the wopi configurations.
I only changed the OpenOffice formats to OnlyOffice in the app-registry.yaml file of the ocis configuration.
I have also commented out the accesses to the Collabora URL in csp.yaml.

Unfortunately, OnlyOffice did not work in the web interface either.

Any ideas?

you did the right thing.

Restart ocis
Restart the app-provider-onlyoffice