Is it possible?

i tried to access
but due to some cert error i cant access, chrome will not even let me bypass

me and my uk based has been thinking about using own cloud

but will either of us be able to access the others data? one pi will of course run own cloud and the other pi will just sync the first ones data

but we dont want to be able to view each others data, not even if we both have access to both pi
own cloud was just the best we could think off to get encryption

we planned to use a raspberry pi has been long deprecated, however some old search results might still be pointing there. I will try to figure out its status.

This doesn’t seem like a full sentence. Can you please try to write in coherent English?

It sounds like you want to use ownCloud for an off-site backup solution. Where you’re pushing your data to an RPi at an offsite location, and your partner will push his/her data to your location.

You could use master key encryption, however with the other party having physical access to the RPi, you won’t be able to prevent access to the data, as the key for the encrypted data is in the same filesystem.

You could use user key encryption, however you have to be aware that if you lose your password you’ll lose your data. If you enable recovery key, you’ll have the same problem again like with master key encryption.

There does exists an end to end encryption module however it requires a license:

And it would enable encryption for specific folders.

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correct and not correct

we both want to have a local pi with owncloud, but we also want to have that secured at an off-site location

that would not be an issue, if either of us are stupid we will get a big reminder to store passwords etc on paper at several secure places, that is how i do it, my recover keycard(the one with one time use codes) for google is stored in my car and in a small safe, and at small safe off-site

upps… missed the word friend after uk based

Those are recovery keys for two factor authentication and has nothing to do with recovery key for user encryption in ownCloud:

Please go through the ownCloud encryption documentation very carefully before you start using it:

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nor did i say they did, but they show how i practice safekeeping of important things

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