Is owncloud version 9.1.8 use feature "Activity by other" but no entry shown


My owncloud version is 9.1.8 with PHP 5
I noticed in the activity by others is not displaying the activity done by other user for the same folder being access with my user.

Please kindly advise on this issue, thanks guys

ownCloud version 9.1.8 is no longer supported, currently supported version is latest (10.3.2)

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Hi, I have upgraded my owncloud to version 10.1.1 but still when i test to upload 1 file under 1 folder using userA which granted access for multiple users (e.g. userB) , the activity by others shown in userB still empty.

i checked the table oc_activity content show 1 record for the creation of the file .


i think the suggested version is 10.3.2 and not 10.1.1 which seems to me quite outdated similar to 9.1.8.

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