Is there a way to see users data usage

Im new to owncloud, I have a server version, and i wish to see the data usage of my users or, at the very least, check the available free space on the server.
It seems simple task but i can’t figure it out


i think you can gather this info on the command line via:

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This is some I also mis in Owncloud. Would be nice if I (the admin) could go to users and see how many diskspace is used/free for each users. Now only the user himself can check the used/free diskspace.

Please take a look at the impersonate app.

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Thanks for your answer.

I use Impersonate app but only with after asking permission of the user and only in extreem cases.
Would not be professional (and is not allowed) to view data of users without first asking their permission.

I do not want to see there files, I only want to check if a user is running out of diskspace.
So an option to select a “View occupied / free diskspace” would be very welcome in the users panel.

I see and understand.

Then you have to go with shell/scripting, as mentioned earlier.

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As this information might be of interest for me as well, I wrote a small shell script. It does the Following:

  • Gathers the information from your server, using the Provisioning API.
  • Looping through all users, and dumps the storage data to standard output.
  total    : 5120.0 MB
  free     : 5040.1 MB
  used     : 79.8 MB
  relative : 1.56 %
  total    : 5120.0 MB
  free     : 5115.5 MB
  used     : 4.4 MB
  relative : 0.09 %
  total    : 5120.0 MB
  free     : 5112.8 MB
  used     : 7.1 MB
  relative : 0.14 %

You are welcome to adapt this script for your personal uses.

# Dump user storage quota values
CURL="curl -ns"
# In case the ~/.netrc file is not available, change like this:
# CLOUD="https://user:pass@your_server"
# CURL="curl -s"
USERDATA=$(mktemp -t 'ustoreXXXXXX')

function setFilter {
    FILTER="s/${1}//g;s/[<>/ ]//g"

function megabytes {
    bc << EOF
    scale = 1
    ${1} / 1024 / 1024

setFilter ${NODE}
${CURL} ${CLOUD}/ocs/v1.php/cloud/users | grep ${NODE} | sed "${FILTER}" | while read USER ; do
	echo $USER
    ${CURL} ${CLOUD}/ocs/v1.php/cloud/users/${USER} > ${USERDATA}
    for NODE in total free used relative ; do
        printf "  %-9s: " ${NODE}
        setFilter ${NODE}
        VAL=$(grep "<${NODE}>" ${USERDATA} | sed "${FILTER}")
        if [ ${NODE} == "relative" ] ; then
            printf "%s %%\n" ${VAL}
            printf "%s MB\n" $(megabytes ${VAL})



Many thanks for sharing this script with us.


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