Is there any difference between external storage local and the mount point of moving the user data directory to the mobile hard disk?

The first method, “external storage local,” described in the administration manual, seems to be a web-based configuration option that allows setting up and using local external storage.

The second method involves moving the data directory to the mount point of a USB-connected external hard drive. While I couldn’t find specific instructions, it appears that modifying the “config.php” configuration file might be necessary. However, detailed steps were not available.

Is there any difference between the two configurations mentioned?

I want to mount a USB-connected external hard drive on the server, allowing me to access the hard drive’s data from my workplace or any other location. When I return home, I can disconnect the hard drive from the server, shut down the server, and access the data from the hard drive using Windows 10. Which configuration method should I use?

IMHO a quite bad idea, as both ownCloud and Windows are out of sync on every remount.


Yes, this is probably a very bad decision, but I really need a solution.
I want to separate the owncloud server from the stored data, and when the owncloud server itself fails, the data I store through the owncloud service can be freely read and written without relying on the owncloud server, and can the original file structure be maintained? .

You also have to consider that all ownCloud data is owner by the web server user.

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I don’t think the system was designed to access to removable drives such as USBs, so I’m pretty sure it will give problems at some point.

A couple of things:

  • The ownCloud’s data directory is expected to be used exclusively by ownCloud. This also means that you shouldn’t access to that directory directly. There are some exceptions though.
  • External storages (including the “local” one) allows direct access, so you can do almost any file operation there without ownCloud intervention.

The problem with the USB drive is that ownCloud expects to have access to the external storage (which should be the USB drive) anytime, including when the USB isn’t plugged in.
Even if you switch off ownCloud to prevent this, I don’t think there is any guarantee that the USB will be mounted in the same place the next time you want to access through ownCloud.
It seems too much manual intervention and a high probability of failure.

I’d recommend you to setup a server, maybe with SFTP so you can connect ownCloud to it with via external storage, and at the same time access to it from your computer.

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