Issue after upgrade to latest owncloud version 10


 After upgrading to the latest version, I have a problem with the account which has done the upgrade. The problèm is that I do not see anything on the files pages (home page).

This is what I found out:

URIError: malformed URI sequence - which matche the file client.js at the line 267

  • When I change the URL manually to xxxxxxxxxx/index.php/apps/files/?dir=photos it works correctly. (sorry cannot put more than 2 links here according to the rules of this web site).

Do you have an idea of what could be corrupted?

Thank you and happy new year.


Where the "http://server_name/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/&" url comes from? If it's ownCloud the one generating that url, there is a bug somewhere because that url is wrong. If it's a 3rd party software, then likely blame that 3rd party.