Issue history missing from GitHub owncloudarchive repos


I am missing the issue history from GitHub for the repository. Other archived repositories also seem to be affected.

Around September 2015, the repository for the old ownCloud Calendar app was moved from to (At the same time, the repository for the new ownCloud Calendar app was moved from to to take its place.)

All issues and pull requests (PR) for the old Calendar app were moved to the owncloudarchive/calendar repository as well and were available there I think at least until September 2016.

However, somewhere between September and December 2016, the issues have disappeared from Pull requests are still there, but the issue list is simply gone.

In my case, I am interested in preserving the discussions that led to the addition of week numbers to the Calendar app. I opened the PR for that in the new Calendar app repository, but it followed on a discussion in the old Calendar app issue list:

refers to earlier discussion: (currently 404 Page not found)

This example is about the Calendar app repository, but it seems other archived repositories under are missing their issue lists as well.

Can the issue lists be reactivated? Or is there any other way to retrieve the history of all those old issues?

Thanks for all your good work,
Peter Nowee