Issue with Desktop Client



we put in place an LDAP filter. Even if the users are well filtered for the Web interface, a directory is still created in /ownlcoud/data/. Furthermore, the filter does not apply to the desktop client. Users who do not need access can connect with this client while they do not have access to the web.


Owncloud 9.1.6


Hi, what do you mean buy this?


Thanks for your answer,

When a user who does not have the right to connect wants to have access, he is well rejected but a directory with his name is still created in .../owncloud/data.



how do you manage the right to connect?



rights-enabled users have an attribute in their LDAP form. The filter in "LDAP user and group backend" is then :
where ECA is name of our owncloud application.



Just out of curiosity - have you tried setting up a test owncloud with the newest Version and trying to reproduce this behavior?