Issue with iOS App

Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to a folder
  2. Try to upload a file
  3. Get message that says my files will upload when App starts again
    4 Files get uploaded to the root folder instead of the folder

Expected behaviour

File should be uploaded to the folder selected by user

Actual behaviour

File is uploaded to the $HOME of the user

Server configuration

PHP version:5.4.16

ownCloud version:9.0.9


iOS version: Last version (guess 11.2.5)

ownCloud app version:Last version available at app store

Device model: iPad pro

Hi there,

This Problem will be fixed with the next release.

Thanks for your feedback and your help @mhercol @dmitry.

This is an issue with the share in Extension feature. This is not yet included within next release. The one fixed it is related with the other kind of share "copy/import to ownCloud" that also support select the folder.

Please keep tracking here Thanks