Issue with Mail notifciations

Hello Everyone

I am trying to configure OwnCloud to send automatic message notifications to the users when I add new files to the shared folders

This means when I add a new file to the folder X shared with user Y, user Y should receive automatically a notification informing him of the new addition
I have already configured the users to receive notification by email about all events by choosing “Notify about all events” in the Mail Notifications dropdown. However, users are not receiving any sort of emails about new files.


I have also tried the activity app. It does not seem to have any effect. I am still not receiving any email notifications for new files.
The mail server is working fine. I can receive the email in case of Password change for example. So it is not an issue with the mail server.
Any suggestion on how this can be solved ?

Emails are sent by the activity app, so make sure it is enabled.

Additionaly review your settings, if email is configured as an action, see

In general:


I’d just like to add to this:

  • the user receiving the notification needs to have their email address configured
  • the activity app settings are in the personal settings section. A user can adjust them without an admin user being able to interfere with them (there are some occ commands for the admin)
  • while testing make sure that you aren’t expecting to receive notifications about your own activity without having the corresponding setting set.
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That setting is for YOUR user. It’s a personal setting. Each user can decide whether to receive all events or none.

In addition, I don’t think the activity app follows that setting. It has its own set of settings.

To give you an idea about how that setting works, if you have the “notifications” app enabled, you’ll see a bell in the upper right corner when you get a notification, for example, when you receive a remote share. That notification will be sent by email if you have it configured as such.
Basically, if you see the bell flickering, that’s a notification that could be sent by email with that setting.
Note that I don’t think it’s required to have the notifications app enable to get those emails, but it can give you an idea of what notifications you can expect to control with that setting. If I remember correctly, the activity app doesn’t follow this and it has its own mechanism with its own settings.


Thank you for the responses the issue is solved !