Issues when editing documents stored on ownCloud using Pages on iPad

I’m using ownCloud on an iPad and the file integration is working fine… until it doesn’t. I’m mostly using Pages to edit documents that are stored on ownCloud. Sometimes, saving fails and Pages’s file browser and iOS’ Files app show various states (it’s not consistent every time this happens), e.g. the file being there twice or a loading spinner that never ends. When I then switch over to the ownCloud app, I can see in the activity tab that it’s trying to upload and download the file a lot of times. The only remedy I found so far that resolves the situation is to delete the ownCloud account from the ownCloud app (thereby presumably deleting all the locally cached data) and then logging back in. This is sometimes quite tricky because when the ownCloud app gets into this state, it sometimes (but not always) becomes very unstable and crashes after about 1-2 seconds after launching. This makes logging out a bit stressful :slightly_smiling_face:

If I had to guess, I’d say that some kind of auto saving mechanism in Pages writes the file again and again and ownCloud somehow can’t keep up and then trips over.

My question: Is this a known issue? Is there a fix for this? How can I debug this further?

A bit more context:

  • The ownCloud server is run by my hosting provider (world4you)
  • There is only one user connected to the ownCloud server (just the iPad)
  • When I access the ownCloud via WebDav on my Mac using either Finder or ForkLift, everything is always rock solid and I’m usually able to restore the offending document, possibly losing a bit of text in the document (whatever couldn’t be uploaded by ownCloud anymore)