JPEG files upload as HEIC FILES not able to view them



HAVING A PROBLEM when i upload photos some files upload as HEIC and not jpg which does not allow me to view them .
Are these unfinished uploads?


Hello chacho,

thanks for reporting this.
You can already see the pictures when you click on them, right?

My guess is that the thumbnails are generated on server side, to save bandwidth. To improve here, we need to add the option to generate thumbnails for *.HEIC files on our core repo. I will open an feature request for you.



I suffer from the same issue that all the photos I upload still are in HEIC format and not converted to JPG.



i think this is expected. From what i know ownCloud will never modify / converting your files so if your camera is creating HEIC files then they are probably also uploaded and kept in the HEIC format.