Jumping from one directory to next (Image Galery)

I store my images in this directory structure:


Displaying the images of one directory in the browser works very well: Thank you for this.

I am missing an easy way to jump from one day to the next.


I have seen all images in 2017/2017-02/2017-02-17/ now I want to show the images of your next holiday which are in 2017/2017-02/2017-02-18/.

Is there an easy way (maybe a short-cut like shift-left of shift-page-down) to go the next directory?

BTW: I am unsure which category to choose for this question. I used "oC server" since this is not a sync or android question. Please change it, or let me know, if it is wrong.

After thinking about it again.

It would be nice if you could switch the current default behaviour if you reach the last image of a directory.

Up to now the first image of the directory gets displayed.

I would like to go to the next directory.

I guess both ways to view images (via android app, via web interface) have very different source code in the background.

I guess it is very difficult to implement above suggestion.

Hello, anybody out there?

I simple "I understand what you want" would make me feel glad.

This function is very likely not implemented yet. You need to put a feature request or even do it yourself. To put a feature request, please use the repository on github:

The main development is here (changes will be ported to the ownCloud version as well):

There are mainly users active / online here so a "i understand what you want" from a user probably doesn't help that much, or am i wrong?

If you're looking for a new feature / want to suggest a new feature please follow the advice of @tflidd above and use the specific github issue trackers (Not only for the mentioned gallery app but for every part of ownCloud).