Just Installed OwnCloud on Ubuntu 20.04

I have just installed Owncloud for the 1st time on Ubuntu 20.04. I have basic knowledge of Ubuntu but have got stuck on the last bit. I was following this manual:

before i ran the last bits from " Configure ownCloud’s Trusted Domains" i tried localhost and got the login screen. Then ran the last bits from the above section and now I get the owncloud internal server error.

It is probably my lack of knowledge but something in those last sections has broken my install. Any help would be greatly appriciated.



For the " Configure Caching and File Locking" section, that part is optional although recommended.
If you want to configure both, you need to install both APCu-php and redis, which are 3rd party apps. There are packages for ubuntu in its repo. After installing both, running those commands should make ownCloud run, assuming a default installation of both packages.
There shouldn’t a problem if you install the packages after running those commands. Just note that those commands are part of the configuration for ownCloud to access to those services.


Thank you for your help just what i needed to get it working. I hit a brick wall after I installed the packages and was getting:

Connection refused in /var/www/owncloud/lib/private/RedisFactory.php

but all i needed to do was type redis-server to start it and then run the commands and now I now have a login screen.

Thank you.

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