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I have a question regarding the following:

My users forget to login to the Owncloud desktop application, so I have to be warning them to keep their files protected.

Is there any option or configuration in the Server/Desktop so that they are always logged in when they log into the system?

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Why does the ownCloud desktop application log out? Once logged in, it should start logged in the next time it opens.

There are also ways to realise real SSO:
SAML 2.0 Based SSO with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and mod-shib :: ownCloud Documentation

Hi Michael,

The application session is closed since they request the reset of their Active Directory password and they do not log back into the application when they access.

Is it possible to use Keycloak to link the computer login to the Owncloud desktop application?

For example: openid-connect-oidc-app keycloak

Yeah, Keycloak should work using the OpenID Connect app, and it’s fully supported by the desktop + mobile apps:

Thanks Michael. So, Keycloak applied, will it be possible to link users once they log in to their PC, to log in to Owncloud automatically without having to enter credentials?

Desktop sync client will open the web browser. Depends on your Win and Keycloak configuration, if users are already logged-in there… (SSO)

You may want to work with professional ownCloud support team for detailed setup:
Contact us - ownCloud

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