Keeps restarting in loop of 5 seconds after on-host 10.0.2 clean installation


I uploaded the setup-owncloud.php on my free webhosting(000webhost). And I followed the steps and made a clean installation. But after that, the owncloud keeps restarting from 5 to 5 seconds continously in a loop.
"Problem loading page, reloading in 5 seconds"

How can I fix this?

Please have a look below at the attached pictures.


Also this is how my installation step looked like:

According your 2nd pic, you have selected SQLite. Not sure this is available there, but MySQL is. Try to change this.

I did,I connected to mysql db from my hosting website, still same message, same issue.

PS: I am using php 7.1 tried with 5.6 and still same issues

How about log-files?

where exactly to check can you specify exactly please?
There are no log files in my public html, and on the owncloud website, I can't do barely anything aside from accessing settings, as below:

All my warnings and errors are in the below log:

How to fix ?
I put at the installation my db, but the ownclouds thinks he is using sqlite.

What port to use when installing owncloud? I mean when inputting the database in localhost field
localhost:What port?

When I installed now, the last field of installation on localhost I let it just localhost without putting port

What do you think it might be the cause for constant rebooting-loop of the page?

Now I get this error, I am using MYSQL db, but it keeps restarting the page in an infinite loop from 5 to 5 seconds

I am running a Windows 7 PC, and my free hosting website is 000webhost with php 7.1, mysql and cpanel

The logfile of ownCloud is located in the data directory /var/www/owncloud/data/owncloud.log.

This is my log from the location you specified:

And this is the status in my settings, the restart loop of the website after 5 seconds still continues, how can I fix it?

According the forum at, it should be possible ti install.

BTW, opening a new topic for the same, unsolved problem should be avoided.

Yeah, I followed the steps, , I did exactly the same, clean install, still same issue.

I tried other way,I downloaded owncloud setup .php from here , uploaded on the website, did the installation correctly and still get the same error with restart loop every 5 seconds.

This is the errors that I get

How to fix them?