Kerberos authentication

Can anyone help with kerberos auth.
I used this owncloud installation instructions → “https:///”. For kerberos installation I use this instruction → https:/// But kerberos auth don’t work. The browser asks for credentials anyway.
Server → Ubuntu 20.04
Owncloud ver. →
Edition → Community

Did you check the browser prerequesites Kerberos ?
I’m not fully sure, but maybe you need to provide the credentials the first time in order for the browser to get a token.

In addition, the kerberos app is for the enterprise edition, so you’ll need a license.


Sure, the browsers were configured according to the instructions. I’m not sure about the license for kerberos app(License type → OCL). Does OCL stands for “owncloud commercial license”?
I know that SAML/SSO Integration with ADFS authentication definitely needs a license (ownCloud Commercial License). When i installed SAML/SSO Intigration app, owncloud asks for a license key, but i installed Kerberos app - owncloud don’t ask license key.
I get trial enterprise edition key, it still don’t work. I get this in all browsers(Chrome, IE, Firefox)