Keycloak deployment example

1,5 yrs later and now at ocis 4.x, I am reopening this thread:

I have a running ocis 4.0.3 installation with haproxy as rev. proxy in front (for ssl termination), both installations are containered (lxc on proxmox). Next step is to connect the instance with an already running keycloak IDP for OIDC/SSO login.
The knowledge base at

has no example for the keycloak setup. Are there any example setups around from which I could learn from? I already have a productive OC 10x OIDC setup.

Thx, Thommie

There is a deployment example linked in the IDP documentation. All deployment examples can be found in the ocis repository.


Hello Thommie,
I hope you will find the answers by the links below.

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@rkaussow and @2403905 - thanks for these links. I will start the config work for my test instance at and return on you if I have questions :wink: