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Good afternoon OwnCloud community!

We have Keycloak (OpenID Connect) working to login via SSO (and thus obtain the OTP, single sign-on, etc) to Owncloud.

Lately we are visualizing in a weekly report, that several of our users appear disconnected. According to them they have not logged out of Owncloud Desktop.

Has this ever happened to you?

Where could I see the logs to know if they have logged out of owncloud desktop and/or it was another reason?

Thank you very much, have a nice day.

There might be improvements in the 4.0 version. Team is very close to the first release candidate…

You can install the testpilotcloud in parallel, to not mess up with your production ownCloud sync client.

Here you can find how to capture log files:
Appendix Troubleshooting :: ownCloud Documentation

Please enable HTTP logging and check the log for HTTP requests and responses to and from your Keycloak token endpoint.

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Thanks Michael.

Can you tell me where I can check the OwnCloud Dekstop (Windows) logs? So I can check if it was automatically logged out or another process generated the logout.


I linked the docs in my previous post.

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