Kill PHP 5.5 as well for 9.2?

Based on the discussion on GitHub we basically can drop PHP 5.4.

Now - how about dropping 5.5 support as well?

  • Kill it with :fire: !
  • No! Let it live!


Why not add all choices? I.e. "Kill only 5.4" and "PHP 7 only"?

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Killing 5.6 is not an option because it has a longer livetime then php 7

Is scrapping 5.4 for OC 9.2 a sure thing? How about the users that for example use Redhat 5 or 6 where PHP 5.4 is the only version supported....

9.1 is running with PHP 5.4 and will be supported until February 2018.
This is enough of a life time for php version which are no longer supported by the php group


PHP 5.5 is in Ubuntu 14.04 which is supported until 2019. Personally, I prefer PHP 7 :wink:

Do you specifically use any PHP 5.6 features anywhere?
If not, this question is not warranted.

As of today we only use code which is running on 5.4. As long as we keep 5.4 or 5.5 supported we cannot use language features of any higher version.

But we want to use them ... furthermore some 3rdparty libraries can only be updated if we drop 5.4 or even 5.5

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Support until 2018-02 is quite long. If there is a huge interest for a longer support, it shouldn't be a problem to raise some money via crowdfunding to get some security fixes back ported.

IMHO we have to find out the balance between the old things:

  • Linux distributions supported versions
  • EoL from PHP versions
  • Old Apache versions
  • no new repositories from Redis or APCu servers.
  • no new versions from php libaries.(smb or ldap for example.)

and the new things:

  • Better performance with PHP 7 (In my system I notice about 40% more speed!)
    • 3drparty apps (e.g. SabreDAV 3.1 (

We can offer a much better system and faster and less use from resources if we update.

Not because some distribution or mantainer decided to give support 20 years we have to wait until that system is updated and follow their decisions.

My 2 Cents. :slight_smile:

From a deployment point of view there is always the option to ship docker images to bring the necessary requirements to ancient environment :joy:

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Nextcloud is dropping 5.4 and 5.5 support for the next major version (