Lan cloud to sync smartphone



Hi, this is my first topic here, i hope to be compliant with rules of the forum.
I have an idea and before to do this i would like to share with you if i can do or not.
I have some problem with my family smartphones with cloud so i thought to create my own cloud and i discovered owncloud.
My idea is to sync automatically in lan all smartphone with a Owncloud server installed in a raspberry pi 2.
is it available this?
I installed owncloud server using this tutorial but i cannot find anything that explain me how to sync it to my smartphone, can someone help me?


What exactly do you want to sync? For files you will need the owncloud mobile client and contact and calendar can by synced directly (on iOS) or with 3rd party apps (on Android).


i fixes problem......i used https://ip/owncloud and not http.....with http it work!
my goal now is to find and app that automatically move all pictures/video every 15 gg from my mom smartphone to owncloud you have an idea?


video, photo , contacts, calendar from a android phone and from an iphone 5


no answer? :frowning:


The guide you were using says nothing about a SSL configuration. So, it's not surprising that https doesn't work. Based on the information you are giving, it is difficult to give you more specific help. If you don't trust the client, check first, if the webinterface is available on a computer in your network, then try it on your mobile phone (webbrowser) and then try the mobile clients.