Latest OC client 3.x not available on Suse tumbleweed

The OC client 3.x is not available for SUSE Tumbleweed. The latest version is 2.11 from the Suse standard repo-oss.

I tried to use the version from leap 15.4 on This one installs a bunch of ocqt5152-libQt5* dependencies but finally the client start fails with a still missing shared library which is not available for Tumbleweed.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Yes, sorry, I haven’t managed to update the package yet, because the upstream package changed in a way that makes packaging harder. Thanks for the reminder, I will push the priority again. As always, any help in form of a PR in the openSUSE Buildservice is appreciated.


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Thanks Klaas for the fast reply, I’ll have a look at the OBS :wink:

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@Klaas: I looked at Show home:kfreitag:branches:KDE:Extra / owncloud-client - openSUSE Build Service
but I have no idea yet where to start helping (I am not familiar with OBS).

Can you give some more info what would be needed to get a 3.x build available for SuSE tumbleweed?

I have now finally managed to get the openSUSE Packages updated for Tumbleweed and in KDE:Extra repo for older distros.

It took so long because I had to introduce the libregraph API library first, that the client uses since the 3.0 version.

Next updates will be faster again.

Have fun!

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I already saw it and it works perfectly, thanks !!!
Sorry, that I could not be of any help, I am not familiar with building this package through OBS

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