LDAP configuration - changing "UUID Attribute for Users"


I have OwnCloud setup with authentication against an LDAP backend. Under the Expert settings, I had the following functioning configuration:
Internal Username Attribute = username
UUID Attribute for Users = uuidnumber

The issue is that as part of some restructuring the “uuidnumber” for some of my accounts has changed. No other attributes changed (“username” from LDAP stayed the same, etc.). Therefore, for example, the internal OwnCloud username has not changed.

I did the following to propagate this change to OwnCloud:

  1. Shutdown OwnCloud
  2. Made the change in OpenLDAP
  3. Made the change in the “oc_ldap_user_mapping” table

Upon restarting everything, it appears to work just fine. However, now I am nervous if I broke something. Is this “UUID Attribute for Users” used anywhere else in OwnCloud (e.g., in some data files)?